Monday, April 25, 2011

Putas Lindas Mexicanas Follando

Readings also shared ... celebrating our friends books

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ideas for class activities ELE:

invites you to a "feast of readings" where each one comes with one of his discoveries to share ...

Here's mine - Indignaos! St├ęphane Hessel - I bought it on Saturday at the airport of Las Palmas.

Here are, for meditation, some excerpts:

"I wish you all every one of you, that you have your reason for outrage. It is a precious value. When something as unworthy Nazism unworthy me, you become someone militant, strong and committed. You become part of that tide of history, and must follow the mainstream thanks to everyone. This current trend towards greater justice, more freedom, but not to the uncontrolled freedom of the fox in the henhouse. Those rights, whose program includes the Universal Declaration of 1948, are universal. If you meet someone not to get them, compadecedlo and assist him to conquer. "

" Certainly, the reasons to be indignant today may seem blurred or the world, too complex. Who's the Boss?, Who decides? is not always easy to distinguish among all flows that govern us. It is no longer a small elite whose wiles understand perfectly. It's a vast world, and we realize that it is interdependent. We live in an interconnectivity as has never existed. But there are things in this world unbearable. To see this, we must look good, look.

I tell young people: seek a little, you shall find. The worst attitude is indifference, saying "step away from everything, I make do." If you behave well, you lose one of the essential components that make the man. One of the essential components: the power of outrage and commitment that follows.

We can identify two new challenges:

1) The huge gap between the very poor and very rich, not rising. It is an innovation of the XX and XXI centuries. Those who are very poor just now earn two dollars a day. We can not allow this distance to keep growing.

2) human rights and the state of the planet. "

" You have to understand that violence gives back to hope. Must be given up hope of trust, confidence in nonviolence. It is the way we learn to follow. Both side of the oppressors and the oppressed, we must come to a negotiation that does away with the oppression that is what will allow no terrorist violence. It is for this reason that we should not build so much hatred. The message of a Mandela, a Martin Luther King finds its relevance in a world that has passed the confrontation of ideologies and totalitarianism conqueror. It is a message of hope on the ability of modern societies in order to overcome the conflict through mutual understanding and careful patience. To achieve must be based on rights, the violation, whichever is the author, should provoke our indignation. There can be no compromise on these rights. "


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